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Care Tips for Planting and Growing Orchids Inside Your House

Orchids are typically an outdoor plant, thus it can be difficult to flower indoors. However, you can buy orchids that can thrive indoors or in a greenhouse. You do need to be familiar with the characteristics and conditions that orchids need to thrive in to result in a healthy indoor living condition. Here are some tips to care for the wholesale orchids you have purchased. Contrary to typical plants, orchids do not grow in soil. In fact, planting an orchid in soil will kill the plant. In the wild, orchids grow on the bark of trees. Orchids should be grown in a similar way. Pots should be filled with loosely packed material such as bark or stones. Water is capable of draining quickly and also exposes the orchid roots to air. If wholesale orchids are left in standing water, they will eventually die.

Wholesale orchids also need to have the temperature variations of the plants that are grown in the wild. In nature, orchids go through a range of temperatures between night and day time hours. This can be achieved indoors by creating a drop in temperature at night by a minimum of ten degrees. This will encourage flower buds to set more readily. Wholesale orchids can survive without this change in temperature, but they will not necessarily thrive without it. Depending on the color of the leaf on the orchid, this will demonstrate whether or night the orchid is getting the proper amount of light. If it is not getting enough light, the leaves will appear dark green. If the leaves have a grassy color, then the plant is getting the right amount of light for blooming. Too much light can result in a yellowish color on the orchid leaves. Growing orchids can be a fun rewarding experience inside your home. Use the research above to help the orchid make the transition from the outside to the indoors without putting the life of the orchid at risk. Follow the proper care instructions for an indoor orchid and you will be able to provide a colorful look inside your home.

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