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Guelph Sodding Services

Quality Sodding Services

Do you have a pale and dull lawn? Is this due to drought, old age, or an infestation with weed or insects? Our sodding services will help rejuvenate your property!


Save yourself the hassle and allow Patch of Green to:

  • Remove the existing turf 

  • Level the ground in preparation for new turf

  • Install a new lawn and roll new turf 

  • Discard all waste and clean site

Pre-farmed grass provides you with a full and lush lawn, without the headaches and challenges that come with overseeding. This pre-farmed grass is more resistant to insects and weeds, minimizes draining away of water and significantly improves the look of your property.

You will notice significant changes in your lawn and you can start using it again in a week or two.

Request a Quote

Contact us to get a quote on our sodding services. We provide our sodding services to commercial and residential customers.

We will be back to you with a detailed quote in less than 24 Hours!

About Patch of Green

Patch of Green was founded on the following four principles:

  • Excellent customer service

  • Exceptional landscaping skills

  • Extreme reliability

  • Dedication to quality workmanship


With extensive knowledge and experience in landscaping services, our team was developed from the ground up to offer the best in terms of landscaping skills and customer appreciation and care.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I couldn't be more happier with the service done by this wonderful company! Super professional and kind! I would definitely recommend Patch of Green to everyone who is looking for great landscaping services! Thank you once again Patch of Green!"

Quality Sodding Services

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