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7 Amazing Landscaping Trends That You Should Try in 2020

Gardening remains a practice of therapy, need, and decoration. No matter what the use, garden trends change over time as techniques evolve or interest in the community change.

Keep abreast of the trends and keep your garden fresh and revitalized. Here are the current trends of 2020 as they grow and develop in the garden community.

landscaping trends

Amazing Garden Trends

1. Not Just an Outdoor Effort

There has been a continued rise of indoor gardening as technology further develops to aid in the understanding as well as the ease in assuring the health of plant growth.

Benefits of having houseplants indoors have caught the eye of many enthusiasts looking to brighten their homes as well as their wellbeing. From those with no yards as renters to those with plots alike.

With the ability to grow many plants year-round, it was shown that approximately one in three families has some level of food plant growing. According to the National Gardening Association, this totals to approximately 3.5 billion dollars.

Special lighting environments and hydroponic systems are the primary factors that allow for these year-long growing conditions. It is no surprise that this considerable market is continuing to grow.

Read more about caring for those houseplants here with some tips from us.

2. Design Around Porcelain

This trend is both for practical purposes as well as aesthetic means. When a garden is designed around materials such as stone or wood the weathering it is subject to tends to be much higher.

When a sealed material like Porcelain is used an outdoor garden will stay like new for a much longer time. The upkeep will be much easier and there will be no loss of visual appeal.

The initial cost may be slightly higher however upkeep over time evens this out.

3. Indoor Comforts

As gardens grow and come more elaborate and extensive, there has been a large growth in having an "extended living room". Some have even gone as far as upgrading the simple grill area to an entire kitchen set up.

No surprise that the outdoor furniture market has been growing and is expected to grow another 8.27 billion dollars in the coming 4 years.

As people want to engross themselves in a further healthier life they look to integrate their garden environment into their home environment rather than having them be two separate entities.

4. Homemade Sensibilities

DIY methods have been incredibly popular in the gardening community and only continue to rise. The focus on being environmentally conscious as possible is on the minds of those around the world.

Most anything can be used for garden purposes. Items from outside the garden can aid in the style of the garden for things like transplanting or starting a new plant.

For example, small cartons can be used as planters to start seeds and plastic pots from greenhouses can start multiple seeds.

An old hanging plant from wireframes or a birdbath from a wall-mounted sink can easily be turned into beautiful planters. Repurposing old, weathered items not only saved them from the dump but added an organic flair not found in store-bought items.

5. Housing for the Bees

In recent years, there has been a concern with the bee population and its numbers decreasing. Seeing this problem and having a chance to make a positive change there has been a movement within the gardening community to make these.

Aiding these important pollination machines and being able to harvest honey is at the center of the Bee game when adding these structures to a garden. They allow a home for the solitary bees that actually exist in surprisingly large numbers.

The majority of bees are actually not hived dwellers and prefer smaller living spaces, while still serving an important service. For these "Bee Hotels" are made, structures with small hollow stems are made.

6. Double Duty Members

To keep with the green trends of gardening, there are many plants and even animals that can be added to the garden to serve the purpose of caring for the garden itself and offering protection.

The first being frogs and toads. They will offer protection from countless pests and one frog or toad can eat up to 10,000 pests in a single growing season!

Another common double duty service is planted for is bug repellant. The most common being

  • Lavender

  • Rosemary

  • Catnip

  • Marigold

Each of these being a multiple-use plant in their own right and a fragrant flower aside.

7. Types of Vertical Planter Plans

Although primarily utilized outdoors this is another trend in indoor planting. It is a very efficient manner of making a limited amount of real estate into a great deal of space and style.

Wrought iron fencing can be most easily utilized with almost no effort, creating a simple privacy wall. This would be serving double duty on its own! Another outdoor method would be building a terra cotta wall on the fence.

A couple of common vertical planting arrangements when used indoors are hanging terracotta pots, generally crocheted roping and repurposed shoe racks.

The racks are hung upon the backside of a door and the holders each lined and filled with dirt. These racks can be used to hold a great deal of plant life in a small amount of space, considering, also being utilized for starter plants.

A Garden With Style

Keep your green thumb fresh for the rest of this year with this collection of garden trends. A top quality garden always starts with a solid base. You can't build a beautiful display without having a clean foundation.

Take advantage of clean up services that we offer in both the spring and fall seasons to assure that your garden space is looking its best. Contact us today to get your garden in style.


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