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Orchids are a thing of beauty, one of the most impressive flowers you can have at home is an orchid. Because Orchids come from a very large family there is a huge variation in the different types of Orchids available on the market. Orchids are not the most difficult flowers to take care of, but they do need some attention, you can have a significant effect on the orchids you grow. Wild orchid is simply a wonderful flower that everyone should own, a wild orchid has a unique look and style of growth. Wild orchids have an amazing verity of species, each with its own beautiful shape and coloring. Orchids in general and wild orchids in particular require that you decide where you think you will place the orchids before you actually buy them, the care needed for orchids demands that you provide them with enough humidity and air flow, and there is a huge difference between placing an orchid at home or have a wild orchid in your garden.

As a person who knows the importance of flowers for stress relief and house decoration I can absolutely say with confidence that orchids provide an abundance of pleasure just from watching them, even a person that is completely indifferent to flowers will enjoy looking at a blooming orchid, the vast variety of the orchid family makes it almost impossible for the regular person to get familiar with a kind of orchid. Orchid have about 35,000 different species, originally this flower grow on trees and used them as hosts, this doesn’t mean that orchids can not bloom and grow without a tree host. The orchid family, because of its diversity is a extremely adaptable flower, contrast to popular belief, the orchids are a very well adjusted family of flowers. Orchids are “planned” to lure insects for reproduction means, by getting the insect to land on the flower, it sticks some of the orchid “signature” on the insect and when this insect than leaves the orchid it bares with it the markings of that particular orchid. Orchids have a well documented history, because of the orchids popularity in almost all parts of the world, many written books and articles had mentioned the orchid flower and the variety of the orchid family in flowers. The earliest written evidence of their presence if in the form of Chinese and Japanese drawing and literature of the circa 700 B.C. in past times the orchid was believed to have healing powers and was used, by many cultures, as a sort of a herbal or natural remedy. today it is very easy and simple to purchase an orchid at the floweriest, most florist even have orchid flowers which they use in their flower arrangements. The orchids bought at a florist will not last long, but a rooted orchid could be a lot of fun to take care of at home, you just need to find the right spot for the orchid, with plenty of humidity and air flow, not exposed to wind and cold, there is a usual trial and error phase in which you discover what your orchid likes and dislikes, it is a very interesting sort of communication between a flower and a human. Enjoy orchids, they are a spectacular family of flowers!

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