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How to build a #Green-house

As with garden sheds, there are two ways to build a greenhouse: you can either buy the sheets of glass and the frame and do it yourself, or you can hire a professional. However, building a greenhouse can be a lot harder than building a garden shed, which is why even experienced DIY enthusiasts might want to think about calling in some professional help.

The main reason greenhouses are difficult to build is the material that they’re made from: glass. If you drop glass or install it wrongly, it will shatter, meaning that any mistakes you make will start to get expensive fast. Would you put in your own windows? If not, you probably shouldn’t be building a greenhouse. If greenhouses are built incorrectly, not only is it dangerous, but it is unlikely that any of your plants will actually grow properly. Also, it is very difficult to build greenhouses when the sun is shining, as you will get very hot – it’s easier to do it in the winter or the night, but then those are hardly ideal building conditions either. It can also be complicated to install the necessary irrigation and air circulation systems that a greenhouse needs to function well, although this is less of a problem in a small greenhouse. If you are going to hire a professional to either build your greenhouse for you or help you, however, make sure that they have the relevant certification and qualifications. Because glass is such a dangerous material, you should steer clear of anyone who seems confident but inexperienced, and only hire someone who knows what they’re doing, even if it is at a relatively high price. If you’re having trouble finding someone, contact the company that sold you the greenhouse originally, as they should have a list of registered installers in your area.

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