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A #hammock perspective of life #relax

Do you sometimes have the feeling that life is becoming increasingly complicated, that politics, relationships and even seemingly simple things such as eating are tangled up in a net of opinions, ideas, recommendations, ideals and rules? Well, it is definitely not a black/white world anymore, the shades of grey are multiplying by the hour, and the access to information about the latest shades, the newest, indispensable shades, are easier available than ever before. If one applies a slight analysis, it will be apparent that this is only going to get worse, and it is not going to change by itself. So we have to interfere, somehow interrupt this cycle, but how? Well, let's use an example that for most of us consist of the complete opposite; a pleasant, sunny afternoon spent lazily relaxing in a hammock. This obvious way of recharging might highlight a few key points that could help us manage a life otherwise easily controlled by stress and similar factors. These points are:

1) To seek out a comfortable and relaxed environment. Even though this sounds obvious, it is never the less an easily overlooked point. How often aren't we trying to relax on the couch with the television going on, telephones ringing and other people interrupting? Such a situation will only enforce our idea that we live an uncontrolled, hostile, stressful life. 2) Have "nothing" to do. Well, a fact is that nobody never has nothing to do, so don't wait for or expect that to happen by itself. This is a mental state, a state that you will have to create by first allowing it to arise, and then cultivating it. So simply decide that for the next so-and-so minutes or hours you will have nothing to do, that during this period nothing has higher priority than to relax, let go and reconnect with an inner feeling of harmony and peace. If you feel that you can't afford such luxury, well, that is a sure sign that you truly need it! So, a long uninterrupted rest on lazy Sunday afternoon in the hammock might be just what brings you out of the negative spiral of stress and gives you a chance to breathe and see the things that keeps the wheel spinning for what they really are. Some people, who meditates or do prayers, might achieve this as part of their practice, but if this isn't for you, and even if it isn't Sunday or you don't have a hammock, at least try to allow yourself to have that "nothing to do" and "floating in air" feeling frequently.

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