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It’s Spring And Time To Garden!

So it’s spring. The snow has melted away and it’s started to rain… a lot. Buds are sprouting on trees and the first signs of green can be seen. You’ve been waiting all year for this moment when you can once again return to your favorite stress reducing hobby: gardening. As it is spring, there are some things to remember to keep your garden looking fresh and well manicured! Let the growing season begin! It’s time to clear out the garden. Rake any leaves and remove the debris. Loosen up the soil and get ready to plant your roses, shrubs, perennials, annuals and also get ready to prune those early blooming shrubs! Your soil is important. Without taking good care of your soil, having a garden is pointless.

Remember: perennials are your best friend. You won’t need to replant them every year and they’ll help your garden look beautiful and colorful in the spring and summer like you long for. Try choosing perennials that don’t require much maintenance such as staking or division. Flower bulbs also add flair to your garden. They can add color, beauty and variety. Flower like tulips and daffodils look wonderful randomly added throughout your garden. Lots of people agree that tulips are the most beautiful flowers around! If you didn’t bother to plant any bulbs last spring, be sure to do it in the coming autumn. Spring is also the most important time to attack those weeds! As they’re just starting to grow and bloom, this is the best time to attack because they have underdeveloped root systems and haven’t fully reproduced yet. Getting a grip on your garden’s weed problems in spring will be a savior in summer when otherwise your garden would be covered with these horrible things! Enjoy and remember: color, variety and beauty!

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