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Helping Nature through Organic Gardening

March 15, 2018

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#Oregano: Joy of the Mountain

May 23, 2018

Known as “joy of the mountain,” Origanum vulgare is commonly called culinary oregano or Turkish oregano.  Oregano is a close relative of marjoram and is also known as pot marjoram.  Similar in taste to marjoram, oregano’s taste is more pungent and has overtones of mint.  Greek oregano, subspecies hirtum of O. vulgare, is recommended as the best type of oregano for cooking.  Oregano is a half-hardy perennial that can be grown outdoors as an annual or indoors as a perennial.  Blooming in early summer, Greek oregano has pink, white, or purple flowers, dark green opposite leaves that are highly aromatic, and slim, squarish, woody, branched stems.  Greek oregano has a branching taproot and grows in a clump.  Used the world over in Italian, Mexican, and Spanish dishes, Greek oregano is one of the three essential ingredients in Italian cooking along with basil and marjoram.